Hypnotherapy Blog 22/12/16

Have you ever looked at a beautifully wrapped Christmas or birthday present and been overwhelmed with delight? However a present is all about what’s underneath the wrapping and not the pretty paper and bows adorning it. 

Sometimes it’s easy to be swayed by pretty “wrappings” or more likely put off, like seeing the heavily tattooed girl or pierced guy and thinking they don’t look like you’re kind of people. But stop…..that’s just the wrapping that they come in, what makes them the person they are is inside. 

I put it to you,  if a loved one was disfigured or physically damaged in some way but stayed the same inside, would you love them less or not want to be with them?

Too often we jump to the wrong conclusion because of appearance – black, white, brown, hoodie, tattooed, pieced, punk, pensioner – these are just the “wrapping paper” – what matters is inside and we owe it to each other to get to know what’s underneath. 

To help you understand any prejudice or preconceived ideas and reservations you feel to those who are different from you, book an appointment for some hypnotherapy or counselling. Special rates apply. See my website 

Hypnotherapy Blog 20/08/16

Incy Wincy Spider….


A while ago I put the above cartoon of a spider on my hypnotherapy Facebook and Twitter pages. Some people may have thought this was silly and unprofessional or that I was making fun of people who have a fear of spiders (arachnophobia), whereas the opposite is true. It was the fear, as a therapist, I was trying to combat. With the use of cartoons and by giving our fears silly names we are taking the fear out of the phobia.

Hypnosis helps by relaxing the mind and body so that stored memories and experiences can be reviewed – like old files on computer database. With the use of hypnosis, the therapist and client are able to explore the subconscious mind and dispel those fears and doubts we all have.

If you ask, most people have a fear or worry about something and finding out where these doubts come from and helping the client move on is the basis of hypnotherapy.

Most fears and phobias are acquired in our childhood maybe from a parent, sibling or an incident that occurred. As a child we take the lead from our parents and older siblings, so if mummy was afraid of spiders, then the accepted response to seeing one would be to scream and be afraid. By giving the spider a name and drawing him (or her – I’m not sexist) as a cartoon with a smiley face diminishes the fear (slightly).

By using hypnotic regression you can take the client back to the first incident the fear occurred, even if they cannot remember it in their conscious mind. By facing the fear in a safe and controlled manner, the client can rationalise the event and see what actually occurred. The use of the “inner child” – making the client see themselves as they were and themselves as an adult comfort and reassure their younger selves, can also be a beneficial way of conquering their fears.

This therapy doesn’t just work with spiders but most other fears or phobias too, as well as helping to boost self-confidence and self-esteem.

So don’t have nightmares, book in for a session and take back the control of your life.

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Hypnotherapy Blog 16/06/16

Drink Water and Lose Weight
Drink Water and Lose Weight

How many times have we all been told that drinking water is good for us? It rehydrates the skin, making it look younger and firmer, it improves concentration and helps process toxins from your body, it also helps you to lose weight.  But still it seems such a struggle to down 6 glasses of water a day (a night out with friends proves we can drink our own body weight in alcohol, no problem!)

Some people don’t even like water, much preferring carbonated soft drinks, which are full of sugar and have been proved to increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

It is also suggested that when we get hunger pangs, this is often a need for fluid not food, so by drinking a glass of “no calorie” water this  will often help those mistaken hunger urges subside, leading to lesser calorie intake and ultimately weight loss.

So how can you drink more water? Well, hypnosis is one way. I can help you stop drinking the unhealthy soft drinks and encourage you to drink fresh, clean, cool water. Not only will you be helping your body work far better, you will also lose weight and you will will start to look years younger in no time at all.  Much cheaper than a facelift!

Hypnotherapy Blog 20/01/16

When I worked in an office, I kept an emergency chocolate bar in my desk drawer. It wasn’t just there for my own personal consumption when times got tough. No, it was for anyone I deemed needy enough for that rich chocolate fix.  I don’t know why chocolate helps when we get depressed or upset.  I’d like to think it has magical powers, but it’s actually  because the chemical compound of chocolate is similar to those of serotonin; the chemical released in the brain that makes us feel happy and relaxed. Perhaps that’s why we reach for chocolate when we’re relaxing at home, or like the Flake ad, in the bath. (Personally I’ve never ate chocolate in the bath, it might melt too quick).

Recently we’ve been told that sugar is the enemy. It has also been suggested that giving up sugar improves our skin, make us look younger, improve sleep and obviously help with weight loss as well as other benefits. Read the full article here.

If you’re  finding cutting out sugar too difficult, hypnotherapy can help in reducing or omitting your sugar intake altogether. Contact me to discuss your needs.  I can write a personalised hypnosis script to ensure you stay away from those sugary items that you currently crave the most. 

However, if you really can’t give up the choccie, here’s an invite to Cadbury’s Creme Egg event.

Hypnotherapy Blog 18/01/16

So today is Blue Monday, apparently the most depressing day of the year. It’s the day when the credit card bill normally lands on your door mat and the date we most often break our new year’s resolutions. It seems ages since Christmas and even longer before you can get away on a summer holiday.  No wonder we get depressed!  “What’s the point?” we think, “this is too hard” we say, “we haven’t even lost a pound in weight!” (but plenty of £££s in gym membership and on buying new sportswear.)  Many hang up the gym kit, ditch the diet, and say “s*d the slimming” let’s have  a large glass of wine and finish off those stale mince pies languishing in the back of the cupboard, it seems a shame to waste them”. But no, you can beat this feeling of depression and feel good about yourself.

A positive attitude and a change in your routine can help.  It’s been said that going for a walk or swim can prove beneficial, although if you’re all “exercised out” you may not feel like trying these options. So my suggestion is – push the furniture out the way, put your favourite song of last summer on repeat and dance to it in your living room. Not only will it bring back happy memories of the fun you had on holiday, you will start to smile as you think about it. By dancing, you’re burning calories,  and when we dance it has been proved that we release endorphins – the happy hormone in our bodies. Don’t worry if the postman spots you and thinks you’ve lost the plot as you “shake your thang” in the lounge with a big grin on your face, the important thing is you’re improving your wellbeing.

If that doesn’t help, why not come and see me? Hypnosis is a great way to relax and reduce stress. Blue Monday doesn’t have to be depressing.

Hypnotherapy Blog 15/01/16

The start of the new year seems to inspire everyone to improve their lives; whether it is to eat more healthily, to change their appearance by exercise or surgical procedures, or to get fit with the ultimate goal of losing weight.  I’m not immune to this urge myself and have tried to eat a more healthy diet since the start of the new year. However, I was a little concerned when I got up in the middle of the night and weighed myself (the scales are next to the loo; it’s just too tempting not to check) and on getting up in the morning I had gained an extra pound!! How? I wasn’t aware of any nocturnal eating!

It can be very disheartening, especially when you’re trying your best to lose weight, but don’t despair. If you’re trying to make a change but need some help, why not have some hypnotherapy to increase your willpower and motivation?  

I’ve also noticed an increase in plastic surgery adverts on TV.  Is it because people haven’t got the willpower or motivation to change by exercise and diet alone? Or is it because they lack self confidence and self esteem and want plastic surgery to make them feel better about themselves? You must understand the subconscious remembers everything that’s ever been said or done to us in our lifetime, even if your conscious mind is unaware. If you believe you are not attractive, this can affect your confidence and the way you feel about yourself. Hypnosis can help boost self confidence.

Why not give it a go? I’m a very approachable, friendly therapist who can help you with your transformation.

Hypnotherapy Blog 13/01/16

Have you noticed there are a lot of adverts on TV for gaming sites either online or as an app for your phone? You can literally gamble wherever you are. There’s been a surge of casinos popping up all over the country and the high street is littered with betting shops too so there’s no escaping if you are tempted to bet.

However, for some people it’s not just a flutter on the horses once in a while, they can be addicted to gambling whether it’s in betting shops or in online or physical casinos.

This doesn’t just affect the person with the addiction, it can affect the whole household, putting a terrible strain on the family and the household finances.  In other cases the addiction can be hidden, a terrible secret eating away at the addict.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to gambling, please get in touch.  Hypnosis can help with gambling addictions.  

Make a change in your life today and contact me. I really want to help.

Hypnotherapy Blog 12/01/16

Today there was a story in the newspapers about a 33 year old man who used an electronic cigarette which leaked burning hot oil into his lungs as he inhaled. (Read it here). He was in extreme pain and was hospitalised. The searing hot oil had burnt a hole in his lung which now works to 25% capacity.  He purchased the e-cigarette online from a Chinese firm and had used it for awhile without harm.  

Have you used e-cigarettes? Do you use e-cigarettes?  How safe is yours?  Even if you bought it from a reputable shop, do you know where they got it from? As the majority of our goods are mass produced in the Far East for a fraction of the cost, do we know if items like e-cigarettes are safe to use? Obviously this one wasn’t. 

Not only do you risk malfunction of these items but you are loading them up with harmful nicotine oil, a substance which is highly poisonous. Did you know nicotine is so poisonous that it is used in insecticides? Yet you are happy to inhale it into your body and poison your system. We only have one body and this drug is destroying yours.  

It doesn’t have to be like this.  Hypnosis has been proven to be an effective aid in helping people stop smoking. It normally only takes one session to do this and you will see the benefits straight away. Not only will your health improve but you will see a significant increase in the money in your wallet; money that you had literally been burning by smoking cigarettes or using vaporisers! 

I’m offering a special introductory price for all clients who want to stop smoking. 

Take the step today to a smoke-free life and contact me for your smoking cessation hypnosis session. 

Hypnotherapy Blog 11/01/16

Today we woke up to the news that a pop icon had died.

David Bowie had peacefully passed away with his family by his side following an 18 month fight with cancer.

Yet another victim of the Big C.

The newspapers, TV and social media was awash with messages of condolence and tributes. His musical career was played out and it was only then that you realised what a great talent has been lost.  Ask anyone what David Bowie was like and they will give you a different tale. He was a chameleon who changed his persona and musical style constantly.  Who was like David Bowie? Well, no one. He was a unique individual and the world will be a less colourful place because of his passing.

If you or a loved one has cancer, hypnosis can help them with the physical symptoms as well as the mental ones.

I am offering a special introductory price for all clients who contact me for hypnosis.

Make contact today and change the way you feel.

Hypnotherapy Blog 10/01/16

How many times have you heard the expression – “laughter is the best medicine”, and it really is?

An experiment was conducted in two surgical wards in a hospital. Both wards had patients in similar amounts of pain following their medical procedures. One ward introduced a comedian to “cheer up” the patients whereas the patients in the  other ward saw no one. It was later reported that the patients in the ward who were entertained by the comedian and enjoyed a good laugh requested fewer painkillers than the ward that saw no one.  

Why did this happen, because laughter releases endorphins, the “feel good” chemical our bodies produce thus blocking out pain and anxiety?

Laughter of course is very contagious. Laughter therapy has also been used in military hospitals where stress, anxiety and depression due to active service is very high. Therapists asked the servicemen and women to think of a funny joke, an amusing situation or a comical scene from a TV or movie. When some of the group start to laugh out loud and it isn’t  long before it spreads to even the most extremely depressed patients.

So what should we to do to keep healthy and lessen any negative thoughts and feelings?  Spend some time with people who make us laugh, have a positive outlook and turn that frown upside down!

Hypnotherapy Blog 2016 New Year, New Start!

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A week into the new year and how are the resolutions going?

Whether you want to stop smoking, lose weight, get fit or change your life completely, it’s quite common for our resolutions to wither and die after a short time, especially if the task becomes too difficult.  The TV is littered with diet plans, cheap gym membership, e-cigarettes and nicotine patches, but do they really help if your willpower is fading?

Have you thought about getting a little extra help? Hypnosis is a great way of strengthening your willpower and self-control. I can help you with your weight loss and stopping you smoking. I’ve also helped clients with exercise motivation so they can really shift the pounds.  And it’s all possible, you have the power within you to be the person you want to be. Not only will hypnosis help you keep up with your New Year’s resolutions but it’s very relaxing too. Make a new resolution and contact me today.

(Lyn Wharam is a professional member of The National Hypnotherapy Society)