Hypnotherapy for Children Really Helps

Hypnotherapy for children

In a world where pressure is felt by everyone, including children, using something so beneficial as hypnotherapy to calm those who are anxious is a wonderful thing.

Children are very susceptible to hypnosis and therefore it can be the perfect means to boost their confidence, self esteem and motivation.

I have used it to help many children who are struggling with school work and recall, as well as helping them feel less anxious about exams or daily life.

I have found the best way to do this is in the form of a “bedtime story”, which I read to the child and also record, so that they can listen again in the comfort and relaxed surroundings of their home, preferably at bedtime.

I personalise the “bedtime story” to the child’s likes and favourite things, adding family names, pets, familiar locations, as well as adding a little bit of “magic” in the form of well chosen words and scenarios to set the scene.

Perhaps your child is a football fan or wants to be an astronaut, loves adventure and treasure quests. Maybe they adore the wonderful world of wizardry, fairies and elves, beautiful mermaids and underwater castles or magical unicorns; any of these scenarios or others can be incorporated into their personalised “bedtime story”.

Like with all hypnotherapy, the more times you hear it, the better the results. This is why I make the recording and give it to you so you can play it as much as you like to your child…forever if you want, at no extra cost.

Why do I do this….because I want all my clients, large and small, to feel happy and confident. A happy, confident client who I have helped hopefully will tell their friends and family, and I can help even more people.

Why not contact me and discuss what’s troubling you today, I offer a free 1/2 hour consultation session, so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Hypnotherapy in Chelmsford

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